Fried Cheese Curds and Hot Honey

Who doesn’t love cheese? Specially fried cheese curds! For our most recent girls day out, I decided to make fried cheese curds with a hot honey dipping sauce! Here is how it went! First I started making the hot honey dipping sauce. I copied Kardea Brown’s recipe for hot honey. She serves this with aContinue reading “Fried Cheese Curds and Hot Honey”

Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms

As promised – my stuffed mushrooms🍄 recipe! I do not use frozen crab cakes as my cheat for this recipe. I do make my own filling for stuffed baby bellas! Mushroom Crab Filling🦀 I combine all the ingredients below to make the filling. This recipe usually makes about 2-3 8oz. packages of baby bella mushrooms,Continue reading “Stuffed Baby Bella Mushrooms”