Why Tivalicious? Most of my family and childhood friends know me as Maria, but on the soccer field and at school it’s always been Tiv. Tivalicious – all deliciousness in the life of Tiv! We live to eat!

More about me!

You could say that I am a HUGE foodie. My love for food comes from my family – we love to eat! Who doesn’t love to eat? There are those that eat to live and stay alive. But my family and I live to eat which is why food has become such a big part of my life. If you were to look at my camera roll on the my phone, I would say at least 85% of the pictures are of food or drinks. 

Some may make fun of me for planning my day around what food I will be eating. I will do research of food, and places to get food before we go on vacation. A bit extreme, yes. But hey, no one has had a bad food experience with me yet, so… it pays to live to eat!

I do not really have a favorite food or meal. I love all kinds of food. I am open to try any new foods, recipes or from different cultures; at least once. I mean, I am human. I like what I like and I will be honest in my reviews. If you have something you’d like me to review – comment or send it my way! I’d be happy to recommend it or not. Stay tuned for some of my favorite food, recipes, food reviews and more! Don’t forget to subscribe & follow! 

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