Suburban Brewing (Honey Brook, PA)

You probably didn’t even know there was a Brewery in Honey Brook did you? You probably passed it without even knowing it. Suburban Brewery is right there on 322, but in a building that you wouldn’t think is a brewery. But I would say add it to your list to try! Ambiance/Atmosphere: As I mentioned,Continue reading “Suburban Brewing (Honey Brook, PA)”

Frankie’s Fellini Cafe (Berwyn, PA)

Need a new Italian spot that cute, small and fun? Frankie’s Fellini Café is for you! It may be my new favorite, I mean I have already gone twice and already thinking of when I can go again! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This cute little spot is intimate with tables and as well as bar seating. They alsoContinue reading “Frankie’s Fellini Cafe (Berwyn, PA)”

Timothy’s West Chester, PA

Timothy’s is another great sports bar for good eats, drinks and specials! Ambiance/Atmosphere: There is a nice big wrap around bar to sit with high tops plus seating. Another spot with a great outdoor patio, that will need to check out when the weather starts to get nicer. Bartenders were very nice, welcoming and keptContinue reading “Timothy’s West Chester, PA”