Nacion Sushi (Costa del Este)

Hey friends, making progress here! We are nearing the end of my Panama reviews! Our last day we had lunch at Nacion Sushi, a spot within walking distance from my cousin’s place! Ambiance/Atmosphere: This place had a great vibe. A bit of a travel like theme with signs and decor but very modern and colorful.Continue reading “Nacion Sushi (Costa del Este)”

La Rana Dorada (Costa del Este)

On our way home for Royal Decameron, we stopped at La Rana Dorada for some brews! Ambiance/Atmosphere: Another spot right around the corner from my cousin’s place! They have great outdoor patio and indoor seating. The staff were very welcoming and even gave us a sampler to taste all the beers! Drinks: They have aContinue reading “La Rana Dorada (Costa del Este)”

Marzola Parrilla (Panama City, Panama)

After drinks at Casa Casco, we walked more through old city to Marzola Parrilla for one of the BEST steak dinners I have ever had LOL. Ambiance/Atmosphere: This corner Argentinian restaurant is awesome. First you walk in and a steak is grilling right in the doorway! So much fun decor, vibe and more! The wallsContinue reading “Marzola Parrilla (Panama City, Panama)”

Casa Casco (Old City, Panama City, Panama)

As I mentioned before, we explored old city one night. Old city gives you French Quarter Vibes. The outside architecture was pretty and awesome to see. Some building have since been updated, but the outside/building face front was preserved. After walking and sightseeing, we stopped at Casa Casco to enjoy the roof top! Ambiance/Atmosphere: Casa Casco,Continue reading “Casa Casco (Old City, Panama City, Panama)”

Colon Islands Tour (Panama Caribbean Coast)

Not only will I highlight and review our food stops on this trip, but I need to share all the travel adventures! You never know if you will find yourself in Panama, so here is my review. The first of our adventure days was spend on a Colon Islands Tour. Colon City is on theContinue reading “Colon Islands Tour (Panama Caribbean Coast)”

La Talanquera del Este (Costa de Este)

After a day of sight seeing and exploring Panama City, refuel and food were needed. We let it up to dad to pick the dinner selection. We stumbled upon La Talanquera in Costa del Este, only a few blocks from my cousin’s place, and they offer Venezuelan food. Dad took a peep at the menuContinue reading “La Talanquera del Este (Costa de Este)”

Mi Ranchito (Panama City, Panama)

Next review, Mi Ranchito, was a delicious lunch with a view right on the causeway. Ambiance/Atmosphere: This open space patio was the perfect outdoor dining experience. They even had a deck with a small pool and bar! There’s lots of seating, a bar. It gives a bit of an island vibe, perfect setting for a vacationContinue reading “Mi Ranchito (Panama City, Panama)”