Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

I was given some fresh produce from a co-workers garden and jalapeños were in the mix. I am not a huge spicy person, but thought this was the perfect time to try a bacon wrapped jalapeño popper. Again, who doesn’t enjoy something wrapped in bacon?!? With ingredients I had at home, here is how theyContinue reading “Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers”

Sweet Chili Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Like I said last post, I was in a bacon wrapping mood! So I decided to try wrapping some shrimp as well. I took some inspiration from Ree Drumond’s recipe and made it my own way. Here is how they came together! All you need is shrimp, bacon, salt, pepper, old bay, chipotle seasoning, andContinue reading “Sweet Chili Bacon Wrapped Shrimp”

Fried Cheese Curds and Hot Honey

Who doesn’t love cheese? Specially fried cheese curds! For our most recent girls day out, I decided to make fried cheese curds with a hot honey dipping sauce! Here is how it went! First I started making the hot honey dipping sauce. I copied Kardea Brown’s recipe for hot honey. She serves this with aContinue reading “Fried Cheese Curds and Hot Honey”