Hoagie Pasta Salad

Ever in the mood for a hoagie – but do not want all the bread. I know it’s rare we don’t want bread – but here is a great recipe for you!

First, make 1 cup ditatini pasta. Next chop of your salad ingredients. I used iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, fresh basil, sweet peppers, salami and mozzarella pearls. I later added chopped red onions as they were missing! I combined all this in a bowl with the pasta and next was to create the dressing.

I used a dollop up mayo, some EVOO, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and then some zesty garlic oil and a splash of strawberry vinaigrette. Lastly I added salt and pepper (then a bit more salt lol). It needed to sit and actually tasted better sitting overnight. I cut the lettuce a bit too thin, next time I want to keep them chunkier. I think red wine vinegar would have been better, but of course I didn’t have it. It pair well with potato chips, but I was tempted to have some bread with it as well LOL. It made for the perfect meal prep for lunch, especially since it got better as it sat in the dressing.

I may try more variations of the recipe again!

Live to Eat,

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