Double D Diner (Coatsville, PA)

Ever wake up and just want a good greasy diner breakfast? Double D is the place for you!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This old school diner has the same silver tables/breakfast bar with the red chairs and booth seats. It gives a great old school vibe and the staff treat you like family. It is a homey and welcoming atmosphere.

Drinks: As most breakfast spots, coffee was ordered. Another great fresh brew of coffee and staff made sure to keep your cup filled.

Menu: I don’t know why I get surprised when diners have a big selection on their menu. But I did like that Double D had pictures, which did steer my choice of order lol. I went with the croissant sandwich. I picked bacon as the protein with the fried eggs and cheese. It was served with home fries and then I ordered a side of pork roll and cream chipped beef. The cream chipped beef was not bad. But I think I prefer Em J’s, Nudys or Kelly’s better LOL. See the full menu here.

Tips/Recommendations: I recommend that you sit at the counter for the true diner feel! I do recommend the croissant sandwich as it was the perfect flaky, butter and greasy combination. And as always try something new every time you go.

Rating: 7/10
Recommend: Yes

Live to Eat,

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