Freddy’s Steakburgers (West Chester, PA)

I have passed Freddy’s several times before, but I have never tried it. I have always been intrigued to give it a go, but never pulled the trigger. While running errands last weekend, I was sitting in the Starbucks parking lot (staring right at Freddy’s) and I saw that they had Liscio‘s roll boxes. SoContinue reading “Freddy’s Steakburgers (West Chester, PA)”

Sonic (Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger)

A new food review is here! Since 10 Sonics closed in PA (all the locations closest to us😐) I need to stop at Sonic whenever in Maryland. I need my fill of cranberry limeades as well as trying their newest menu feature item. This time was the Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger.🍔 I am a suckerContinue reading “Sonic (Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger)”