Wendy’s Breakfast

Those who know me best, know that Wendy’s to my favorite for fast food. Only select locations had breakfast on the menu. However, a few years ago Wendy’s launch breakfast nationwide, and you best believe I was first in line. Their breakfast is just as good as the rest of their menu and here is why…

Breakfast potatoes🥔: Wendy’s wins at the fry game. Fresh cut with sea salt; they are by far the best. If you don’t agree … we can’t be friends.😂 Same applies for their breakfast potato game. They serve seasoned potato wedges for breakfast. They are delicious, crispy but still soft on the inside. Rating: 10/10

Chocolate frosty-ccino: If you like the chocolate frosty and you like coffee, then you have to try this at least once! It taste like you are drinking a caffeinated frosty and it is basically a party in a cup. Rating 9/10 However, I will say the vanilla frosty-ccino is not good. I would not recommend.

Breakfast baconator: Hands down the best breakfast sandwich! I love bacon and I love breakfast sausage. This sandwich has the best of both worlds for those that do not like to choose, like me. LOL The broiche bun is stacked with a sausage patty, American cheese, bacon (lots of bacon), egg and a cheese sauce! For me its the cheese and sausage patty that makes this sandwich. The bacon sets it over the edge. I highly recommend this sandwich! Rating: 10/10

I love the baconator so much, that I haven’t tried any other sandwich on the menu.

If you have not had Wendy’s breakfast once yet, I recommend you try it at least once! You won’t regret it. If you have tried it already – I’d love to hear what you favorite is!!

Live to eat,

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