Seafood Alfredo

Alfredo is our favorite pasta sauce. My new favorite recipe to follow for homemade Alfredo sauce is Giada’s recipe. I love that she uses lemon juice and zest to help balance the creaminess. I find that it doesn’t make the cream sauce as heavy, but still very delicious! This sauce is also perfect for homemade pasta!

The sauce recipe is quick and easy. I enjoy shrimp or seafood Alfredo. My key to the best seafood alfredo, is I keep the seafood separate from the sauce. I found this frozen seafood mix at Aldis. It included shrimp, calamari, baby scallops and mussels. What was great, was they were raw even though they were frozen. I make the sauce per the recipe, and cook the seafood in a separate pan with butter, old bay and salt and pepper. Since this Alfredo sauce is already citrus-y with the lemon, I avoid adding lemon to the seafood as I typically would when making seafood.

As Giada says in her recipe, you cook the pasta just under because it keeps cooking in the sauce. Make sure you have a big enough pan, that’s deep as well. This allows you to mix all the pasta with the sauce and not make a mess! (So far I haven’t found the best pan of mine without making a mess๐Ÿ˜†) How do you make your favorite Alfredo sauce and do you have a recipe I should try?

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2 thoughts on “Seafood Alfredo

  1. Looks delicious. I have made this on occasion. Your dad is not a fan of Alfredo sauce. So I will order this when Iโ€™m with Maria. Love Giata. She is the best ๐Ÿ™‚

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