Taco Bell Breakfast

I have share with you how much I love Wendy’s Breakfast. Taco Bell’s breakfast is my second favorite! It has been hard to find a taco bell that opens early and serves breakfast since COVID, but we finally found one and of course that meant mom and I had to go! Below are some of our favorites and what we ordered!

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito🌯 Potato: Mom order this with bacon! It was a delicious combination. Instead of a hashbrown this burrito had chunks of potatoes that were soft and seasoned! Providing a great taste and cheesy goodness! Mom gives it a 9/10!

Breakfast Crunchwrap: The crunchwrap is my favorite go to breakfast. You can order it with bacon, sausage or steak and you cannot go wrong with any of meats. This time I ordered sausage and it was delicious! If you love the regular crunch wrap then you definitely want to try the breakfast one. The added crunch is the hashbrown in the middle and it is the perfect combination with eggs, cheese and meat! I give it a 10/10!

Cinnabon Delights®: We did not order these this time around, but would definitely recommend if you like a bit of sweat with your breakfast. They are deliciously cream-filled cinnamon sugar bites! But they are sweat, so you wouldn’t have to order too many unless you have a big sweat tooth! Rating 7/10.

If you enjoy breakfast burritos🌯, then definitely try Taco Bell breakfast! They have several options that you are bound to find one that you like! Just make sure you look up hours, because not all locations open early for breakfast. If you go and try it or have a favorite you like to order – I’d love to hear! Comment below👇🏽

Live to Eat,

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