Bomba Taco + Bar (Malvern, Pa)

When the soccer team has early games, it’s only right for us to go out for food and drink afterwards. I mean we did just burn a lot of calories so it is acceptable to refuel in my eyes👀 LOL. For several weeks we talked about getting margaritas and tacos after soccer so this time we decided to try Bomb Tacos + Bar. While driving around one weekend, I happened upon Bomba and just made a mental note try this place. So I was very excited to come back to eat and drink!  

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Inside they have a bar, and tables and chairs. It gives a great Mexican rustic vibe with wood and lighting. They has have a great outdoor seating area with string lights. The staff was sweet, friendly and welcoming. Our waitress, was a bit young/new, but she was super nice. A table of 9 hangry soccer players may not always be the easiest to deal with, but she did well.

Cocktails/Drinks: As a Mexican spot, they obviously have tequila and margaritas. But they also have a whiskey, bourbon, rum/tiki’s, beer and wine selection. But let’s be real, we go for the tequila when we have Mexican, am I right?!?! They had a variety of margaritas with their own house made flavors! You could order them in trio’s/flights. Unlike most flights of drinks you see (where there are smaller versions of the drink/beer) these flights were regular sized margaritas that you were able to select three flavors! This was a popular drink order among the team. The house made flavors were delicious and not too sweet! My favorite was the pomegranate ginger. But the orange hibiscus, peach basil, charred pineapple and watermelon jalapeño was just as good too!  Click here to see their full drink menu.

Menu: It is not a huge menu, but literally everything on the menu sounds so good that you want to order it all. So I still had the hardest time deciding LOL (I am sure that is not surprising). We started off with some appetizers for the table. We ordered traditional guacamole, salsa trio (Caribbean mango, salsa Verde and salsa Fresca) and queso dip! All their dips are served with house made tortilla chips, plantain chips and Malanga chips (that were massive. See pic below for reference). Their queso was by far the best (11/10) and we highly recommend that you order it when you go! The salsa was good but did not compare to the queso. The Caribbean mango salsa with the Malanga chips was the best combination. Their guac was fresh and so delicious! You can make it your own with a variety of add-ins on their menu. Next time I want to mix it up with some goat cheese, bacon and maybe some chipotle honey or smoked corn!

Now the rest of the menu…TACOS🌮. Well they also have bowls, soups and salads. But let’s be real, if taco is in the name, then you have to order tacos. This is where it got tricky. You ordered by the taco and they had a variety to choose from. They were decently sized and it was recommend 3-4 tacos per person. So how do you narrow it down to just 3-4. Well you have to, then you plan to come back the next time to try the other’s on your list. My favorite taco was the Lucha Libre (10/10) but I also enjoyed the Ahi Tuna Poke(8/10). The carne asada was subpar, a bit tough and probably would not order again (6/10). Shout out to the team for being a part of the review process! To see the team’s favorite tacos/review click here!

After tacos, we had to order dessert as well. We decided to order some churros! And let me tell you… they were perfectly crispy on the outside, but still soft and moist on the inside. The cinnamon sugar coating was perfectly balance and they came with a marshmallow dipping sauce and chocolate. Most were so good. Most preferred the marshmallow dip, which was fine by me, because I preferred the chocolate LOL. Overall the churros get a 9/10 rating! To check out the rest of Bomba’s menu click here.

Tips/Recommendations: If you are with a big group like we were, definitely order a variety of apps to try and share with the table. You DEFINITELY need to order the queso at least once. Don’t be afraid to order a variety of tacos, because most of them were delicious. Ask your server if they have any recommendation if you are having a hard time choosing. If you like tequila/margaritas, then you need to try their house made flavors or live on the edge and order the trio!! As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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