Great American Pub (Wayne, PA)

Andy and I are still exploring the new area around us! We are always looking for new food and drinks spots and that is when we found Great American Pub. I think we will be finding ourselves back here again in no time!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: They stay true to their name with pub style atmosphere! They have outdoor and indoor seating as well as large bar with plenty of stools. They have live music certain nights that will set the mood for you as well! If you looking for a great outdoor setting, then their roof top is for you! It’s perfect for those gorgeous days or cool nights! Plenty of tables, high tops and couch seating as well as a large bar! It is a perfect pub for all!

Drinks/Cocktails: Full bar service with drafts, bottles, cocktails and more! We started our night with some drinks and dinner downstairs and then more drinks upstairs! I ordered the Downeast Cider on draft and Andy ordered a margarita with dinner. On the roof top I ordered a a margarita and Andy a jack&coke. All were delicious, I don’t think you can go wrong with any drink you order!

Menu: I am sure you are not surprised by this next statement – I had a hard time choosing what to order 😱😂. Everything on their menu sounds delicious. We decided to start with Philly cheesesteak fries (7/10). They were cheesy with peppers, onions and steak. The fries were thick cut which is perfect for the toppings. The downfall for me was that it was cheese sauce, so they were a bit soggy towards the end and not as enjoyable.

For our main meals, Andy ordered the brisket tacos (7/10) and I ordered the Great American grilled cheese (12/10). The brisket was tender and delicious! But we think you should really just order tacos from a Mexican places LOL. Andy prefers Bomba Tacos. The grilled cheese is a must order! It was packed with brisket, mac and cheese and American cheese in between Texas toast! I burnt the roof of my mouth because it was so hot and cheesy but it was soooo worth it! I am dreaming about it all over again as I write haha. There is more on their menu, that I want to try and I cannot wait. Click here to see for yourself!

Tips/Recommendations: First, if it is a nice day then choose the roof top or their outdoor seating! Second, Great American Grilled Cheese – you need it, so get it! We don’t recommend the tacos, but the brisket is good! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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