Cheetos Mac and Cheese

My friends – peep this: That’s right Cheetos now has their own boxed mac and cheese. And let me tell you, it literally tasted like Cheetos. And no, not like those nasty street corn Cheetos you may have saw mom and I tasted and reviewed on Instagram. This I would DEFINITELY recommend to all Cheetos lovers!

It was boxed mac and cheese so it was super ear to make. But of course I added a few things to level up that mac with some extra seasonings! I added salt, white pepper, garlic powder, paprika and yellow mustard powder when mixing in the cheese packet. I will say the only down fall was the cheese powder was very chunky. But nothing a little heat, milk and butter couldn’t help break down.

Then I needed to add some crunch. Naturally, I topped it with Cheetos (best idea ever). Overall I give this a 8.5/10. I am not big on the powder cheeses, but tasting like Cheetos definitely helped it not be chalky! They also have a few other flavors including Cheesy Jalapeño and Flaming Hot Cheetos. But I am not a big fan of those flavors, so I will stick to the OG Cheetos flavor. I recommend that all the Cheetos lovers and mac and cheese lovers out there give this a try, at least once! If you try any of the other flavors, though, I’d love to hear your review! Comment below!

Live to Eat,

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