PogiBoy (Washinton, DC)

Another weekend trip means new food reviews! First up was Pogiboy in DC. I happened upon this Filipino food stop on Instagram and asked Andy if we can try it when we were in town! So we decided to check it out!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: I didn’t know much about this place, other than the delicious looking pictures they have posted on insta LOL. I saw from their address that they were located in The Block Food Hall, so I figured they could be a few other options inside. When we arrived Saturday evening, it was right before Pogiboy closed. They have a great garden wall for photos, a fun bar with seating, high top tables, tables for pong, an upper level seating for parties, a dj booth and a bakery (that was closed). There was also seating outside to enjoy the good eats in the summer weather! They had a DJ there that night and he was jamming with great music. We ordered our food, when to the bar ordered drinks and enjoyed the good music and eats!

Drinks/Cocktails: You could order bottle drinks from Pogiboy, but the bar was stocked with a great variety of drinks. It was National Tequila day, so naturally I had to order a margarita and Andy did too. Let me tell you, it was delicious and strong. We give it a 9/10. What we didn’t like was the price LOL. Keep forgetting the DC prices for cocktails will be much higher than we are used too LOL.

Menu: After seeing several pictures/post online, I had all intentions of ordering the lechon bowl with the crispy pork belly. But on the drive there, I was reading the menu and just had to try their To “chino” burger! It’s a burger mixed with longanisa and tocino, with the secret sauce, acharra grilled pineapple all on an ube roll. I ordered a single patty, because I wanted to make sure I finished it all since we were in the city and leftovers aren’t always the easiest LOL. But the bun was thick, and took over the patty a bit. I would have been fine ordering the double patty. I give it a 9/10 overall though. It was served with fries that were perfectly crispy and salty. They pair so well with the burger.

Andy ordered the Lechon Kawali Bowl and he let me taste the pork belly. It was crispy and delicious; but we both thought my dad seasons his better. Andy gave the bowl a 8/10. It included a soft egg, that he did not enjoy LOL. Next time we will need to ask for a hard egg for him LOL. Andy’s brother Richard order the Fried Catfish Bowl. Which came out crispy as well! 10/10 all around for the crispiness. He said his bowl was good as well. They have many more items on the menu that I would like to come back and try! Click here to see their full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: I would say definitely look at the menu before you go. There are tons of great options and as always I had I hard time deciding. Also need to read in full details, so we do not order Andy another soft egg LOL. They have online ordering that you can do if you just want take out as well. Go with a group of people, and each order something different to share and try some of the menu. If you like longanisa and tocino as much as I do, definitely get the To “chino” burger and don’t be afraid to make it a double patty. As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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