Sonic (Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger)

A new food review is here! Since 10 Sonics closed in PA (all the locations closest to us😐) I need to stop at Sonic whenever in Maryland. I need my fill of cranberry limeades as well as trying their newest menu feature item. This time was the Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger.🍔

I am a sucker for a good burger. Specially when you see a commercial over and over again. It gets to the point where I am like “Ok, I have to try that!” I am so glad that I did order the Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger!

This burger was topped with grilled onions, lettuce, pickles, bacon, American cheese, BBQ sauce and smoky mesquite butter all on a toasted brioche bun! I am a huge fan on Sonic’s burgers. They always have a nice grilled char taste but still juicy and flavorful!

What makes this burger so delicious is the toppings! Grilled onions are delicious. I love pickles on my burger. So I get extra pickles because he takes them off and gives them to me.😂 The combination of the BBQ sauce and smoky mesquite butter it what makes this burger. It is like a summer cookout burger you can get in the drive thru.🤤 I give this burger a 9/10. With a cranberry limeade and tots on the side, it was the perfect meal to end our weekend trip . Overall it definitely worth a try! If you don’t have a Sonic near you, make sure you look up the closest location on your next trip. You will not be disappointed. The Sonic app is worth a download too!

Rating: 9/10
Recommendation: YES

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Sonic (Mesquite Butter Bacon Burger)

  1. Well unfortunately I was not hungry for Andy and Maria to bring me one back from MD. It looks amazing and I won’t let that happen again. Lol. I did get some cranberry limeade which I miss since all PA Sonics are closed

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