Creamery at the Farmhouse (Downingtown, PA)

As promised in my Farmhouse Review, I went and tried their creamery! I was driving back roads last Friday and remembered that the creamery opened for the season, so of course I had to stop and test it out for a good review!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: As the Farmhouse was, the inside gives you that farm feel, with wood decor and accents. But the colors are white and black. The colors that come to mind when it comes to dairy/fresh made ice cream! The creamery has seating inside, as well as tables outside. But they have recently expanded the outside with a covered deck that is perfect for the summer nights to come!

Menu: The flavors can vary day to day, but they offer cones, cups and a great topping variety! Next time I cannot wait to try their shakes, sundaes or specialties. A ice cream donut sandwich sounds amazing. And after having the Farmhouse donuts, I don’t think it will disappoint as a dessert either!

I stopped while on the phone with my mom. (She wasn’t too happy that I went without her LOL) But we decided to order two different cups to split. That’s right…I ate half of each dish and froze the rest to take to my mom the next time I saw her. LOL

We decided on the the mint chocolate chip. Because it is a go to favorite of ours. Then we went to try something new and ordered the pomegranate blueberry chunk! It was pomegranate ice cream with pomegranate and blueberry swirls and dark chocolate chunks. Both were so delicious and creamy. Not sweet at all! The mint chocolate chip we give 8/10, would recommend. The pomegranate blueberry chunk gets a 10/10. We would definitely get again! It was creamy, tart and a hint of sweet from the chocolate.

Tips/Recommendations: Go with someone that will share so you can try multiple flavors. Try one of their shakes or specialities … and tell me wha you think about them! Follow The Creamery on social media for specials and daily flavors. Try a flavor you wouldn’t really go with, because you will not be disappointed. As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

One thought on “Creamery at the Farmhouse (Downingtown, PA)

  1. Yes I want too happy but I got over it quickly when Maria suggested to share. It was worth the wait. Both were creaming and delicious but I will lean a little towards the pomegranate which was the fist time I ever had this flavor. Definitely a revisit lol

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