Lumpia and Dumplings

I had the brilliant idea to make my own pork dumplings/potstickers. I started to look up and save recipes from both the Food Network app and Pinterest. What I failed to do was check the recipes with what ingredients I had at home.🤦🏽‍♀️ I went to make them not having most ingredients from the recipes I saved. I also did not have true dumpling wrappers, so I improvised with egg rolls wrappers (thanks to my dad)! So I made it up with what I had and went with the flow. Since I was using egg roll wrappers I decided to make some lumpia (Filipino Egg Roll) as well. I looked up the recipes for lumpia filling as well to get some more ideas. Below is more details of how it all came together!

I started by heating oil in a pan for frying. I then finely chopped green onion, celery, garlic and a small handful of shrimp. I added everything to a bowl with 1lb. of ground pork.  I added some soy sauce, ground ginger, white pepper and one egg. I mixed it all together with my hands until well combined. 

I then filled each wrapper with the filling and rolled or pinched together accordingly for the lumpia and dumplings. Check out my reel of this recipe to see the different ways of rolling that worked and didn’t work haha. Once the oil was heated. I fried each lumpia and dumpling until golden brown and crispy on each side. Serve them with a sweet chili dipping sauce or a spicy vinegar.

I was too nervous to try steam the dumplings. But that will be the next attempt! I will try steaming them in a covered pan with a little bit of water. Then give them a pan fry to crisp them up a bit. Have you made your own dumplings before or maybe lumpia?! I would love to hear your recipes or recommendations for the next time I try this recipe! LOL

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One thought on “Lumpia and Dumplings

  1. They look good. I never made my own but helped your dad make them and eat them lol I bet you could use the rice cooker to steam them too. I look forward to sampling them lol. Nice job

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