Wawa Dinner

#instasawthefirstreaction But don’t worry, I have the review and details for you here!

So last weekend I was driving home and saw this billboard. It read “Wawa Dinner” with a picture of Burger and Fries. I had to do a double take because I didn’t believe it. I was so excited to see this billboard right before the launch of this blog! I thought “perfect, this will be great to include in the launch and exactly what I want to share!”

I am originally from Lancaster, PA. If you didn’t know, there is an on going battle between Wawa and Sheetz in central PA . Don’t get me wrong, I love them both. But it depends on the occasion/what I am hungry for of which one I prefer. But when it comes to drunk grub/fast greasy food Sheetz always wins. They offer delicious fried/fast food options that Wawa couldn’t compete with….until now?

Once I got home after seeing that billboard, I had to open my Wawa app (yes this is a necessary app – specials/coupons and free coffee Tuesdays and now double the points for the month of March). I checked the app and believe it or not, burger and fries were an option to order! But only from 4pm-11:30pm, so it was a good thing I checked the app before I went to Wawa to order!

I went to the closest Wawa and up to the screen to order! Selected burgers and you get to customize it as you please! I decided on cheddar cheese, ketchup, mayo (they went a bit heavy on the condiments), leaf lettuce (shredded lettuce was an option), tomatoes and pickles. The screen then asked me if I wanted to add applewood smoked bacon for $0.50 …YES! Add French Fries for $1… YES! But then obviously you cannot have a burger and fries without a milkshake. So I ordered one of those too! 😆

Fries🍟: 10/10 Fries were delicious! They were nicely seasoned, a bit crispy but still soft on the inside … how a fry should be! They tasted baked, not fried/greasy; a big plus for me! I would say they were addicting!

Burger🍔: 7/10 They went a bit heavy on the ketchup and mayo because it was a bit messy. But it was not your greasy fast food burger. It reminded me a bit burgers you could get at pool/fair concession stand. It was pretty big; a two hand hold necessary big! The brioche bun is light and buttery😋. But overall it was a great burger. I would love to test out some different toppings, like Wawa’s chipotle aioli sauce. Because I think it would bring it next level!

Overall I would recommend trying this at least once; you will not be disappointed! $5.99 for a burger and fries is a great deal. So you may be wondering, does Wawa take the burger and fries crown from Sheetz…. I am not sure I can say that. Sheetz has different bread and topping options. They also have tots! But I will say Wawa is stepping up their game and Sheetz should watch out!

Rating: 7.5/10
Recommendation: YES

Live to Eat,

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