Bacon Wrapped Pickles

Last item I decided to wrap in bacon was pickles! I was hoping to wrap pickle spears, but I only had the flat sandwich spears, so I made it work LOL. All you need is pickles and bacon.

The oven was preheating to 400. I wrapped each pickle with bacon and then placed them on the copper pan. Next, baked them for about 15 minutes and the last couple minutes I placed them under a high broil to get the bacon extra crispy! Again, I reheated the leftovers in the air fryer and they were just as good as when they came out of the oven. I think next time they will taste better with spears (and be easier to make) and I will just make them in the air fryer!  

Are there any other items I need to try by wrapping bacon around?! What should I try next – comment below!

Live to Eat,

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