Sweet Chili Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Like I said last post, I was in a bacon wrapping mood! So I decided to try wrapping some shrimp as well. I took some inspiration from Ree Drumond’s recipe and made it my own way. Here is how they came together! All you need is shrimp, bacon, salt, pepper, old bay, chipotle seasoning, and hot honey/sweet chili sauce.

I started by heating up my grill pan on the stove at medium heat. I seasoned the shrimp with salt, pepper, old bay and some chipotle season. Again, I cut the bacon in half long ways. I took the strips of bacon and wrapped each shrimp. I tried to tuck the bacon ends in. If I had any issues, then I used tooth picks to hold the bacon around the shrimp.

Next I combined some of my hot honey with sweet chili sauce to make a glaze. I brushed the glaze on the wrapped shrimp then cooked them on the grill pan. After several minutes and the bacon began to crisp, I flipped them over. Once they shrimp were cooked and the bacon was crisp, I removed them from the pan. Lastly I tossed them in more glaze.

They came out perfect. It was the perfect combination of sweet and heat and the shrimp and bacon paired well together. Again, I reheated the left overs in the air fryer and they came out just as good! Next time I will try them in the oven like Ree’s recipe and use my cooper pan! Have you made bacon wrapped shrimp before – I’d love to hear your recipe!

Live to Eat,

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