Here’s the latest

Here are my latest favorite store finds!

Does anyone else like to keep chocolate in their desk?! Found these Dove chocolates at my local family owned market. Anything that is chocolate-peanut butter has my name on it. These are my new favorite Dove chocolates, and I probably won’t be buying any other flavors. The dark chocolate and peanut butter combination is so perfect and great afternoon pick me up in the office! The ice coffee bottle was a last minute purchase. Warmer weather days, make me want ice coffee rather than hot coffee. Since going to Starbucks everyday can be very expensive, I have decided let’s try and make it at home. I mean this bottle costs as much as one grande cold brew😆. It’s not as good as someone else making it for you, but it’s been working. I was able to get about 4-5 iced coffees from the bottle so it definitely did the job and was worth the money! I just can’t say I will stop going to Starbucks all together! LOL

At Aldis, I found some fun new seasonings that I cannot wait to try in new recipes!

Tacos are in our future with pork carnitas and baja fish season packets!

I also found these 4 in 1 season jars for burgers, backyard BBQ and more tacos! I have tried some of the backyard flavors on roasted chicken they came out delicious. Some of the taco seasonings also worked well on Salmon! I can’t wait to make some burgers for the grill!

I found these snack packs at Aldis. I have bought the almond, dried cranberry and white cheddar packs. They were so delicious! But the most recent time I went, I found these. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the sweet honey roasted peanuts; I haven’t had them in so long! (They were my favorite to order during girl scouts nut sales. do they even do the nut sales anymore?!) But honestly this snack pack is my new favorite! The sweet nut with the spicy cheese is the perfect combination. My only complaint is that you can only buy them in a 3 pack. They obviously don’t last long. I need them to be available in bulk! LOL

Have you found any fun finds in the store lately? I would love to hear your favorites!

Live to Eat,

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