More of the latest

My favorite and latest finds below!

Found these taco flavored sunflower seeds and sesame chips at The Dollar Tree (did you know you can shop online on their website? ). I was suppose to be getting some cards and snacks etc. for gifts…which I did. But I went shopping hungry, my mistake! The sunflower seeds were pretty delicious (9/10). They did indeed taste like a taco, but it wasn’t overwhelming at all. The perfect combination of salty and flavor! The sesame chips were soooo addicting (10/10). The bag said there were 3 servings inside, but it was only one; they lied. I had no troubles eating it all in one sitting. The Dove chocolate was found at Walmart. It is almost as good as the last store find of chocolate peanut butter (9/10). But it is a close second for best Dove!

These items I found at Aldis. This mini cheesecake…very mini as you see me hold it, was the perfect lunch time dessert. It was creamy and the cookies on the bottom were so yummy. I just wish that it wasn’t so small and you could mix the cookie more evenly inside (8/10). This roasted sweet corn popcorn is a seasonal treat, I have no idea why!! It is so addicting and my absolute favorite (10/10). It taste like sweet corn, but it is also buttery with some spice added to it. Shout out to mom for getting me TWO bags! LOL

If you couldn’t tell…Alid’s is my favorite store LOL. The last three finds are from there as well! Last time I shared my favorite snack select of pepper jack cheese, raisins and honey roasted peanuts. These other two snack packs are just as good. The turkey sausage is a delicious combination with cheese. I did miss the crunch factor of the nuts, so I do eat some almonds or chips with them! LOL And last find is the limoncello cheese! They had this last summer and I am so excited that it back! It’s a creamy, savory cheese with a hint of lemon. I give it a 9/10 and highly reccomend!

Have you found anything fun recently at the stores?! I’d love to hear what!

Live to Eat,

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