Per Diem (Lititz, PA)

Another date night with Lia at a new place. We have been to Per Diem before but that was pre-covid times. So it was time to go back to Per Diem and be reminded why we do enjoy the drinks at food at this restaurant.

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This restaurant is located at Hotel Rock Lititz. It is very modern with some rock and roll vibes. This time we sat outside on their patio. Large umbrellas at the tables to provide some shade. They also have a fire place with seating as well. It’s the perfect patio for summer dinning! Staff are so friendly and welcoming. They give great recommendations as well!

Cocktails/Drinks: They have a variety of drinks to order. Make sure you check with your server about any seasonal drinks. They had a Frose, which our server really recommended as her favorite. We were not feeling s frozen drink with our meal. I opted for the Por-Que-Bine a tequila cocktail of course. It was very light, refreshing and not sweet at all (8/10). Lia ordered the Bramble On, which our server said was another favorite. Lia gives it a 9/10; it’s great if you like gin and tonic! We actually were able to sample the Frose later. Our server was the best and she was right. The frose was delicious and a perfect summer frozen drink! However, it just did not pair well with our pizza and burger so we opted for a second cocktail. Lia ordered another Bramble On. I saw they had mocktails on the menu including a lavender lemonade. So I asked if I could spike it with tequila and I could! It came out the prettiest cocktail there was. A beautiful purple color. Homemade lavender syrup and lemonade was the perfect combination with tequila (10/10). Click here to see the cocktail menu.

Menu: They don’t have a huge menu, but good food to pick from. On their appetizer list, they had pork belly, so of course I had to order it! Smoked pork belly bites. They were served with a Carolina mustard that paired so well with them (10/10). I even ate the lettuce on the plate with the mustard LOL. I had all intentions of just ordering some appetizers because they all sounded good, but then our server told us about the special pizza. A short rib pizza with alfredo sauce, onions and roasted cauliflower. This was a delicious combination (10/10). I definitely didn’t need the whole pizza, but I was not upset I ordered it nor that I had leftovers to take home.

Lia ordered the tour burger. Overall she gave it a 8/10. It was a bit messy and hard to eat, but was delicious and satisfying! We of course had to save room for dessert. We decided to order the Triple Chocolate Bomb. It did not disappoint. Another great dessert that wasn’t too sweet, it was very chocolatey and pair well with the strawberry coulis. The chocolate biscuit had a hard outside, but was still soft and moist on the inside. Overall we give it a 10/10 and would recommend. Click here to check out more of the menu!

Tips/Recommendations: Ask about the special/seasonal items and order one of them before they are off the menu! I am so glad I got to taste the special pizza, because I would have been missing out. Don’t be afraid to ask your server to spike one of the mocktails. They are popular drinks and adding some alcohol levels them up! I would highly recommend the pork belly bites if you like pork belly. You will not be upset. Make sure you make a reservation. They can get pretty busy and if you prefer to sit outside or inside, you can make that preferred reservation. As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating (9/10)
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

3 thoughts on “Per Diem (Lititz, PA)

  1. Well the food looks delicious and the drinks sound good. I think I would like the lavender lemonade. I honestly never heard of this restaurant so may have to put it in our list lol

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