Shake Shack (Plymouth Mtg., PA)

Roomie time is the best time! Outings with my old roommate, Casey, requires food and yummy food at that! Casey and I opted to try Shake Shack. Both of us have not eaten there before, but have heard good things. I have tried several times to give them a go at the KOP mall locations, but the line is always to long for my hangry self LOL. We recently lucked out that the location in Plymouth Meeting (our new half way meeting point) had no line! Here’s how it went…

Ambiance/Atmosphere: I don’t want to call it a “shack” per say, but it is quite the cute little building! They have a pick up window that you can walk up to from the outside … which is awesome for the quick drive-byes or take out. The order window/order computers are when you first walk in! There are tables to seat out inside, but it was a gorgeous day and they have a great set up outside with tables and umbrellas and even corn hole! Staff were super friendly and welcoming and the service was quick! I would say it’s a good mix of the fast food service, but more of a diner vibe! We also ended up having dinner and a show … by show, I am mean there were cops and what we think was a drug bust/arrest outside as we enjoyed our. Who knew we would have some entertainment as well hahaha.

Drinks: Some locations do offer beer and wine, but this one did not. They have an assortment of foundation drinks and shakes! They offer ice tea and shack-made lemonade as well as Fifty/Fifty their half tea half lemonade drink. They have new seasonal drinks, that I will have to venture into trying next time: Blackberry lychee, Strawberry salted limeade and then it also half mixed with tea! This time around I order a milkshake. I mean how can you not taste their milkshakes. I ordered chocolate of course and give it a 9/10. It was creamy, delicious and not sweet at all. Best way to describe it is you can taste the cocoa of the chocolate, like cocoa powder, but not all the sweetness of sugar. I would definitely order it again. Next time I may even try their cookies-n-cream shake!

Menu: Another place with a menu that it is hard to decide. They have a seasonal feature: Avocado Bacon Burger or chicken sandwich and both pictures looked amazing. Both Casey and I opted for the burger! You can get a single or double patty. This burger was so delicious (rating: 10/10) They are made with Martin Potato Rolls honestly the best roll for burgers if you ask me. The ration of meat, cheese, bacon and avocado is perfect. I have only had Freddy’s steak burgers once, but both Casey and I couldn’t really determine who as the better burger, because they are both deliciously perfect and satisfying in their own unique way. Shake Shack’s burgers come with a ‘ShackSauce’ that we are not sure what it is, but it is yummy and completes the burger! Next time, I want to try the avocado bacon chicken sandwich! They have a variety of other burgers and chicken sandwiches as well as chiclk’n bites! They also have crinkle cut fries! They were just as amazing, perfectly crisp and salty with a soft center. We ordered the bacon cheese fries (7/10) and just plain fries. The cheese sauce just wasn’t hitting right for us. Not sure what it was, but something was just not as appetizing as we had hoped it would be. The bacon on top, however was perfect. Next time we will just order the plain fries! Also on their menu that I want to try net time are their hot dogs! You can add fun toppings to them and they slice them in half for the perfect flat top grill. For dessert (besides the shakes) they have root beer floats and custard! To see more of their menu click here!

Tips/Recommendations: If the day is nice, sit outside and enjoy the weather, good food and great company! Try their shakes, specially the chocolate. Look at their specials and try them while they are on the menu. You cannot go wrong with the avocado bacon burger. Just order the fries plain, they are perfect just the way they are! If you are in a rush, order ahead of time for take out! They were quick to get orders fresh and ready. As always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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