The Melt Shop (KOP)

Another lunch place to try in the mall food court! This time we decided to try The Melt Shop. We have had the milkshakes before (11/10) but were ready to try more of the menu!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Melt Shop is located in the upper food court. Plenty of seating all around as well as lots of options when your group cannot agree on the same spot! LOL They even have it decorated for the holiday season that gives festive vibes and comfort feelings.

Drinks: A variety of fountain drinks or bottled drinks for as you wish. But the highlight is the milkshakes. And yes I consider them a drink; I do drink them through a straw! Haha I had the Nutella shake (10/10). Sooo good! Next time around I tried the chocolate. So good it didn’t last long at all!

Menu: Like its name, they have a variety of melt sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, burgers, chicken, wings, salads and more! One time ordered Nashville hot chicken sandwich (no pickles and added bacon) 9/10. The spice was delicious, but not quite sold that it is better than Shake Shack’s or Freddy’s chicken sandwich. Another time ordered the Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt. I give it a 10/10. It was the perfect balance of flavors, with melty cheese and the crunch of bacon and pickles. All my favorite things on a sandwich! We then shared a side of fries. They get an 11/10. They were perfectly crispy and salty. Next time I want to try their burgers! Though, they have a tough act to beat compared to Freddy’s and Shake Shack’s burgers. Click here to see their full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: So they have an app, which I need to download. You get $5 towards your first order when you download it! You can also preorder ahead on the app which is great on the busy weekend in the food court. French fries and Milk shakes are must orders! I cannot wait to try more milk shake flavors. The melts and the sandwiches were good! And as always, order something new every time you go!

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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