Apple Cider Sangria

I love a good drink and sangria is a great choice. I love to make different varieties and flavors, especially around the holidays! This time around, I did a Apple Cider Sangria. It was super easy and soooo delicious!

Here is what I use: Apple Cider, Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite, Spiced Apple Wine (so yummy alone I knew it would pair well with apple cider), spiced rum and fresh fruit! I cut up oranges, limes and granny smith apples!

My sangria recipes are a dump and taste method. I do not measure. This dump was spiced, festive and delicious! My only regret with this one was I made it the day of instead of the night before, because it only gets better as it sits and blends!

What is your favorite sangria recipe?

Live to Eat,

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