Pork Burgers

I wanted to use some of my new store find seasonings for burgers! The only meat I had was ground pork – so why not try a homemade pork burger! As always, I looked for some inspiration on the Food Network App. But I used what I had in the kitchen and here is how I made some banging pork burgers!

I started by chopping onions and fresh parsley. I added them to a bowl with the ground pork. I then added salt, white pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, ground sage and then two of the burger seasonings: backyard burger and brewhouse cheddar burger. After all the ingredients were mixed and well combined, I formed 4 patties.

We decided to grill these burgers and hot dogs of course! When the grill is on, you take advantage and cook multiple foods! I had to be careful since these pork, not beef, because I didn’t want them to over cook. Nothing is worse than a dry and tough burger.

While they cook on the grill, I worked on making the baked fries. Everything all came together for a delicious meal. The pork burgers turned out perfect. They were well seasoned and very juicy; not dried at all. We topped our burgers with some cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. I also spread some of my dill pickle dip on the bun. It was the PERFECT combination! A great summer meal!

Have you made pork burger before? I loved to hear some of your favorite ways to make pork (it is my favorite meat after all)!

Live to Eat,

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