Oven Baked French Fries

Double frying fresh cut fries is delicious! But sometimes we want to eat guilt-free fries, am I right?! So here is my oven baked French fry recipe!

Just like my double fry fries, I still fresh cut and soak them! I preheat the oven to 350-375. After about 30 minutes to an hour, I drain the fries. I lay them out to dry off a bit before I season them. I season with EVOO, salt, white pepper, black pepper, paprika and garlic powder. I think spread them out in my copper pan!

I popped them in the oven for about 30 minutes. I check to see their color first, and then mixed them around. Then I placed them back in the oven for about another 10 minutes to be a bit more golden brown. They came out pretty good. I think I may have squeezed too many in the pan, because not all sides were golden brown. I do prefer them fried vs. baked. They just aren’t as healthy as baked fries LOL.

But we popped his in the air fryer for about 5 more minutes. They came out a bit crispier and delicious.

The next day, I decided to reheat the left overs in the air fryer. Then I placed them on a foiled pan and topped them with some cheese and bacon bits! Pop that pan in the high broiler for a few minutes and we had the perfect cheese fries!!

I do still want to try my copper pan with roasted potatoes. I will make sure not to squeeze too man on the pan so we have a nice even roast on all sides of the potatoes. But for our homemade fries at home, I will probably be sticking to double frying them or air frying them. But if you have a baked french fry recipe, you think I should try – comment below!

Live to Eat,

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