Air Fryer Step Up!

Now that we have the Ninja Foodie (with the grill portion), some of our recipes have completely leveled up and will forever be made in the air fryer from here on out! I have shared some of my favorite oven recipes before and they are all delicious, but in our new air fryer – IT IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER!

Similar to the baked red snapper I have posted before, I started by preheating the air fryer to about 375. I decided to use the roast setting on the Ninja foodie but I used the grill insert for the grill affect. After cutting slits into both sides of the fish, I seasoned with salt,  pepper and blackened seasoning. I decided to stuff the first with sweet peppers, green onions and lemon slices this time. I placed the fish in the air fryer once it was preheated and roasted it for about 20-25 minutes. Unlike the baked fish, the skin came out very crispy but the fish was still juicy and not dry at all. It was an 11/10 and we will forever be making the fish in the air fryer instead of the oven LOL.

Salmon has also leveled up in out new air fryer! We love our oven baked salmon and broiled salmon. But in the air fryer we grilled the salmon (to perfect temperature) and it was AMAZING!!! When I need to cook medium-rare and medium, I do them in two batches for the best results. I place it on grill mode with the thermometer in the filet and it cooks to perfection! I love eating it with seaweed slices, rice and a bit of sriracha and mayo!

Our new air fryer has also step up our oven baked chicken game. I loved making chicken in our old air fryer, but it was so small (1.4 qt.). It barely fit enough chicken in there and I had to cook in stages. The Ninja Foodie is great, as it fits so much more and the crispiness is even better! I again used my roast feature and set it to 425 to preheat. I seasoned the chicken legs and thighs with salt, pepper, adobo seasoning, Nashville hot season, poultry seasoning and Texas sweet heat seasoning. I placed them in the air fryer and set the timer for about 38 minutes. The Foodie beeps and tells you when to flip them so they have an even crisp all around. We used the crisp basket insert this time around. Again a 11/10 and I don’t think you will see us using the oven any time soon! Next time I will try doing grilled chicken!

Do you have a Ninja foodie? Any recipes we should be trying next time? Comment below!

Live to Eat,

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