Nudy’s Cafe (Devon, PA)

We are still exploring the area around us and this time around we tried Nudy’s Café, right down the street from us. They have several locations and they have been on my list to try. Let me tell you – I cannot wait to go back!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: It is not the biggest café, as it is a house made cafe. It is inviting and like enjoying a meal at home! Inside there are several tables and counter seating, but there is also patio seating, a covered and heated patio as well as a tent for more additional seating! Another place with great and friendly staff. The fastest service we have ever experienced (outside of fast food lol) even though they were pretty busy. We arrived, ordered, received our food ate and paid the bill within 30 minutes. No. joke. The second time around, it was busy and we sat inside so it took a bit longer. But I will say from the time you order to the time you get your food is the fastest service there is!

Drinks: They have a variety of drinks, juices, soft drinks and coffee! The coffee was delicious and warm and the staff made sure your cup was never empty!

Menu: Everything on the menu sounded so delicious. I had all intention of ordering their cream chipped beef, but they had a huevos rancheros special on the menu so I had to try it! And it was soooo good! I am sad it is only a special and note a regular item! Like I said, our service was so quick but all the food came out fresh, hot and delicious. All around the food gets a 10/10.

The next time we went, I ordered, two eggs over easy with hash browns, pork roll, multi-grain toast and aside of cream chipped beef. Again I have to give another 10/10 the cream chipped beef did not disappointed. Next time, I think we need to try their lunch menu because, again I don’t think we can order any bad item off the menu (both breakfast and lunch are served all day). Click here to see the full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: They do offer online ordering and take out if you are in a rush. If it looks busy in the parking lot, doesn’t mean they won’t be able to seat and serve you in a timely fashion. It was great and super-fast service! If you love coffee, you cannot go wrong ordering a cup of joe. Order and taste their specials before they leave the menu. I do hope their brunch burger is still a special when I got back! LOL And as always, try something new every time you go.

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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