Broiled Salmon

I killed it the last time I made salmon for dinner! But my quick way to cook salmon if I am in a time crunch – I broil it. If you ask my closest friends they’ll tell you this is my go-to meal. We probably have it 3 times a month if not every week. It is one of our favorites and it’s quick and easy!

I start by cutting the salmon into filets and preheating the oven to a high broil. What I season the same with, depends on the day. Sometimes I will season each piece differently. That way we have a “different meal each night” rather than leftovers.😆
I always start with salt on all the filets. My go-to seasonings: old bay, blackening, white pepper and dill. or Chipotle seasoning, cayenne pepper and sriracha sauce. Sometimes I will add some fresh squeezed lemon on all filets as well. Once the oven has reached high broil, the filets go in for about 5-8 minutes, depending on their size. I don’t like to over cook the salmon

What completes this quick and easy meal is some white rice and our go to Italian seasoned zucchini. I will start the rice in the rice cooker first and then prep the filets and cut up the veggies. It all comes to quickly in about 15-20minutes! Delicious, quick and simple! Do you have any quick and delicious meals you like to make?

Live to Eat,

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