Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast tacos are my favorite. Well tacos🌮 in general our my favorite at every meal! But of course Andy prefers burritos.🌯 It is one of his favorites and it’s what he misses most since all the sonic’s have closed near us. Because they have delicious breakfast burritos! So I do try and recreate my own version of breakfast burritos for him!

I use some of the same items from my breakfast tacos for breakfast burritos. But I use bigger tortilla wraps. Again I find these at Aldis; only $1.29. Andy prefers flour tortillas, which is good because I have yet to find bigger burrito wraps that are corn.😆 If I do not have potatoes, I use the diced potatoes I keep in the freezer. I actually had some leftover breakfast potatoes that I used. Andy is not a sausage person, so I chopped some cooked bacon for his burrito. Mixed the bacon, potatoes and chopped red onion in a pan with oil. After sautéing for a few minutes, I added eggs to scramble with them. I season with a bit of salt, pepper, chipotle seasoning and fresh lime juice.

I then heat the tortilla with a bit of cheese until it starts to melt and then add the scrambled filling. I top with some salsa and guacamole. Since it is for Andy, I do add some hot sauce as well, for that added kick! I then tuck and fold into a burrito! I continue to keep it on the pan, to help seal the tortilla closed as well as give it a nice crisp on the outside.

After a few minutes and the tortilla has a nice golden color, I remove from the pan. Cut in half and serve. Sometimes we will serve with salsa, guac or sour cream on the side. All depends on the morning and our mood! What do you like in your breakfast burritos?🌯 Do you have a favorite place to get them?! We will have to find a new place now that sonic’s are no where near us. LOL

Live to Eat,

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