Breakfast Tacos

There are several items I love to always keep stocked in my kitchen. Some of these items can be combined to create beautiful meals. These three items I try to always have and they are perfect for breakfast tacos. 🌮

Start defrosting the sausage in the pan. Once they have defrosted, cut them into smaller pieces. Add them with some potatoes back to the pan. Season with salt, pepper, onion, garlic and chili powder. Continue to sauté them, until they are golden brown. Add two eggs to the pan and scramble all ingredients together. Toast corn tortillas on both sides. Then add some cheese in the middle. Once the cheese begins to melt, remove the from the pan and top with cooked filling. Top with salsa and avocado and serve with lime wedge!

I love a good taco – at any meal! What is your favorite breakfast taco?! Any go-to items you keep on hand to help create the perfect meal like this?

Live to Eat,

5 thoughts on “Breakfast Tacos

  1. I also love keeping diced potatoes on hand! I learned that from you 🤗 It’s so great to season them however we want. Breakfast sausage is another one I try to keep in the freezer along with frozen bagels to make a breakfast sausage bagel sandwich with cheese 🙌🏻

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