La Michocana Homemade Ice Cream (Kennett Square)

The last stop on the play day for mom and I was of course dessert! There is always room for dessert, right?! (Tip: we stop eating food and take leftovers to always have room for dessert😜) For dessert, we decided on ice cream🍨. After all, Grandpa and our family alway say “There always room for ice cream because it just fills the cracks.” But we didn’t just want ice cream from anywhere. We were looking for the creamery/homemade style ice cream. After some research and review reading we landed on La Michocana Homemade Ice Cream in Kennett Square. They had a 4.8 rating on Google! But let me tell you, we give it a solid 5!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This is a small family run homemade ice cream shop🍦. They are super welcoming and friendly. They make you feel like family and you want to keep coming back. They also have a restaurant, La Michocana Grill, which is now on my list to check out as well!

Menu: They have a variety of flavors. Some traditional flavors and some not so traditional. Like Queso Fresco – I know it sounds so intriguing! I can’t say that we ventured to try it (mainly because we were pretty full for the rest of the food that day). But I do want to go back and try more flavors.

Mom and I decided to get the same flavor. But looking back, we should have taken our own advice – get two different flavors and share. But hey, there is always next time. 😂 We decided to get the mint chocolate chip Oreo. We give it a solid 11/10. It was that good! It was very creamy and smooth as homemade ice cream should be. The mint flavor was perfect. Not too strong, but enough that you can taste it with every bite. The chips and chunks of Oreos were perfectly portioned. They didn’t over power the ice cream but we did have a piece of chocolate in every bite! The best part – it was not sweet, AT ALL. So it made it easier to eat it all and not stop. We both got medium cups- because the small looked too small on display. Medium cups came with 2 hefty scoops. We would have been satisfied getting a small cup, but we managed finishing the medium size no problem. 😆 We both recommend the mint chocolate chip Oreo. But next time, I want to try more of their nontraditional flavors.

Tips/Recommendations: As a said before be adventurous and try some different flavors. Have everyone order a different flavor so you can taste more of their offerings. This is a small shop that you walk in. There is no indoor seating. They have a couple benches outside for seating. But we recommend picking a nice day so you can enjoy your ice cream outside and walk around Kennett Square. If it’s not a nice day, eating in your car is worth it as well! Their menu also has water ice, sundaes and more. So if ice cream isn’t your favorite – still check it out!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

3 thoughts on “La Michocana Homemade Ice Cream (Kennett Square)

  1. Of course I have to agree with Maria. Like father like daughter and granddaughter there is nothing better than ice cream. When the weather gets nicer we will defined take grandpa here. We could even walk the streets of this little town. It is so cute

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