Chicken Alfredo Bake

The first recipe in the next series of “How many ways to use one Costco Rotisserie Chicken.” The Costco Rotisserie Chicken is a steal! $4.99 for a whole chicken, and it’s pretty delicious if you ask me. This chicken Alfredo bake is the first recipe to use 1 breast of the rotisserie chicken. I was inspired by the Italian Meatball Bake that Mary Kate and I made. I told myself, we can do this with a chicken Alfredo as well! So here is how it all came together!


1 box of pasta, 1 jar of Alfredo sauce, salt, pepper, garlic and any other seasonings you choose. I used some Italian seasoning and parsley. I chopped up 1 chicken breast of the rotisserie chicken, mushrooms and zucchini. Also need 2 cups of chicken broth and about 1 cup of heavy cream.

This is another easy dump recipe! First preheated the oven to 425. I sprayed the glass dish with cooking spray. Next I dumped the pasta, Alfredo sauce, chicken broth, heavy cream and seasonings. Mixed all together until combined. Then I added in the veggies and chicken and combined. I covered with foil and baked for about 35 minutes. I took it out then covered with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and baked uncovered for another 10 minutes.

It was a delicious pasta dish. Super easy to make and a great meal prep recipe for the week! What combination should I try next?

Live to Eat,

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