Caruso’s Pizza (Lancaster, PA)

Another take out/mini review coming your way! Mom had a gift card she had to use from Caruso’s. So we decided to go to the location on Fruitville Pike to do some take out. Here’s our take!

We made the decision on getting pizza before we even ordered. But it was the kind to order that was hard decision LOL. We ordered a large Neapolitan (thin crust) with Italian sausage and onions. We asked for it to be kept in a bit longer so it was nice and crispy. It gets a 10/10! Would recommend and definitely order again! We also added an order of cheese fries. We asked for cheddar and mozzarella (real cheese not cheese wiz). I did not want the fries to get soggy. We definitely had cheese wiz, but they were still delicious! They get a 8/10, probably would be higher if they were not soggy from the cheese wiz. But I would still order them again, only with mozzarella next time haha.

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: Yes

Live to Eat,

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