Stolen Sun (Exton, PA)

Stolen Sun has become my new favorite spot with a great chill vibe. I can’t wait to keep going back and take my parents, because I think they will love it too!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: Driving up, this looks like a regular business building/warehouse type place; not a brewery. But it makes for a great open and spacious spot. They have a mezzanine, that can be rented for private parties, tables, high tops and bar seating. The one side has a great open floor plan with plenty of tables, some picnic style with umbrellas even! They also have outdoor seating for you to enjoy the beautiful weather ahead! Staff are super friendly and helpful in what to order on the beer list and menu! Every time I have sat at the bar, which I recommend. Kevin is a great bartender!

Drinks: As a brewery, beer is on the list! They have a great variety of drafts, some cans (even to-go options). But they also have a line up of great coffee including, beans, that they can grind, as well as hot and iced coffee to enjoy while you are there! I have bought coffee to take home, which was delicious as well as took an ice coffee to go. Again a great ending to a great afternoon. I have tasted a few of their beers, but my go to and favorite one is the Sweet Tang sour beer. They also offer flights so you can taste as many as you’d like. Click here to see the current draft options, to-go options and coffee.

Menu: Here is all the food that I have tried over the several times I was there LOL. Pork grinds – sorry these are no longer on the menu. They were dusted with a bbq rub and served with an aoli! I’m sorry you will not be able to try it yourself haha. A current special is the Stolen Smokehouse burger. I am going to be honest, this was only ordered because one it is a special and two it had pork belly. But don’t be fooled; it was really just thicker cut bacon LOL. Not the pork belly I was looking for. HOWEVER, the burger was so delicious. Makes me want to try more of what they offer for the burger variety. Another delicious item was the Nashville hot chicken tenders. They were perfect crispy, not too messy and a good kick. I did need some ranch to balance out the heat, but they paired very well with the crispy French fries as well! Wings are another great order! I have only tried the Red Eye Coffee BBQ flavor, but they were delicious. Not a strong coffee flavor, but a different yet delicious BBQ flavor. They were crispy and very tender. They smoke and then flash fry them for the perfect!

I also had to try the pulled pork and ordered the Smoky J’s Classic. Tender and flavor pork that melted in your mouth. It pair so nicely with the bun and pepper jack cheese. The last items to highlight all include the brisket (which is better than the pork, I don’t often say LOL) and honestly, none of them will disappoint (unless of course they forget the brisket). You may think why do I say that. Well, the brisket poutine was ordered and it was bomb. No problems eating every last piece. But there was no brisket on it LOL. A busy Saturday afternoon and didn’t want to make a fuss. Plus it was still so delicious and had no problems eating it. Next up was the brisket tacos. Again, the flavor and the tenderness of the brisket get a 10/10. In taco form it is just such a fun and yummy bite. Last item to highlight is the cheesesteak, that yes is made with their brisket. It comes with cheese wiz and jalepenos. I am not usually a fan of cheese wiz, but it paired so perfectly with the brisket, that I did not mind at all. Everything just melted in your mouth with each bite. Although their menu is not exactly what is currently offered, click here to get a nice preview of what your options could be!

Tips/Recommendations: They have happy hour from 3-5:30pm, during the week so don’t miss out on that. Follow them on social as they have a variety of live music, trivia nights, board game nights, open mic nights and more! I recommend sitting at the bar for the best experience. The brisket, in any form, is a must order! And as always, try something new every time you go.

Rating: 9.5/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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