September Farms (Honey Brook, PA)

If you are a cheese curd lover like me, add this to your list right now LOL. But really September Farms is more than just cheese and curds. They have a small market, bakery, sandwich shop/café, coffee bar and ice cream stand all in one! It is a great place to get some farm fresh goods, bakery items, coffee, lunch or dessert!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: This is a great place for the whole family. Ample parking, outdoor seating and a playground outside plus now an added disc golf basket! Inside is where the magic happens! It is a bit of a loop and a bit overwhelming. You can walk to the right to the market and bakery side to buy your goods, prepped meals (some even frozen) and snacks galore. The ice cream, coffee and café are to the left. There is ample seating inside, an enclosed patio and an outside patio for seating.  Staff are welcoming and it’s great to feel like a part of one big family!

Drinks: They have a variety of drinks to offer. A fountain machine in the café as well as bottled drinks. The fountain machine has just water as well. The coffee bar has a great variety of drinks including seasonal specials. Coffee, espresso, hot and cold. They have it all! Click here to see more!

Menu: I looked at the café menu before arriving and I still did not know what I wanted. But I did know cheese curds would be ordered. I opted for the cheese curd sampler to be able to try two kinds and have two dips. The original cheddar curd and the smokey curds were selected with the bbq ranch and the signature sauce as the dips. They were each the perfect bite. I enjoyed the original best with the signature sauce. But the smokey curds had a great smokey flavor that leveled them up!The cheese curds were my favorite part. You can buy them on the store side as well as buy them breaded and frozen and ready for you to fry them at home. Fried pickles were also ordered. They were spears (which in my opinion is the best way to fry pickles) and they were perfectly crispy. Yet, not over battered/breaded. It was served with ranch, but honestly it went well with the signature sauce as well. Last to order was a sandwich as the main meal. Since cheese is a main highlight here, I didn’t want to order a grilled cheese sandwich (well all cheese LOL). So I ordered the Italian melt sandwich. This had cheddar cheese, but it was balanced with fresh tomato, lettuce, pepperoni, salami, ham and capicola ham. It was a light sandwich that paired well with all the fried foods. It did not pile up and sit heavy in the stomach LOL. Which is important because room was needed for ice cream. I had a hard time deciding if I want coffee hot or cold coffee or ice cream or both! Then it was what to order. So I decided on both. I was going to get their cold brew float, but they used the soft serve ice cream machine for this. I instead ordered an affogato; ice cream with espresso pour over top. They have scoop ice cream with a variety of flavors (which is why I didn’t want the soft serve). I opted to order the java cookie. It was a chocolate coffee ice cream with chunks of Oreos. It was the perfect match with espresso. I am dreaming about it all over again as I write this. I think I need to try other combinations of flavors the next few times I go! Click here to see more of their menu options and here for more ice cream information! The food and ice cream were so good, that nothing was bought from the store. A because it was busy and B because I was so full LOL.

Tips/Recommendations: First off, go LOL. If you plan to eat, do a walk-through of the store side to see what you want but don’t buy anything Then order lunch and you may be too full to buy anything just like me LOL. Get the cheese curds. I don’t care what kind you order but get them with the house special sauce to dip. Buy them frozen to make at home. GET THEM. The fried pickles again are another must order. Do not go on a Saturday afternoon. It was very busy and if you don’t like crowds – avoid that time haha. And as always, order something new every time.

Rating: 9/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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