Suburban Brewing (Honey Brook, PA)

You probably didn’t even know there was a Brewery in Honey Brook did you? You probably passed it without even knowing it. Suburban Brewery is right there on 322, but in a building that you wouldn’t think is a brewery. But I would say add it to your list to try!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: As I mentioned, it doesn’t look to be a brewery. But you walk in to a great large U-shaped bar, plus some seating. There is a section upstairs of tables (available for private parties) plus another area more open, with garage doors for a “great outdoor” vibe. I sat a table, and the wait staff were friendly and made good recommendations. However, next time I want to try out the bar!

Drinks: They offer a variety of draft and cans as well as to-go options. I ordered their sour on draft, it was delicious. The Cosmic Jam had great flavors of blueberry and blackberries. The tartness was spot on! Click here to see the current list.

Menu: The menu is not overwhelming, but they do have some good offerings. The waitress really recommended the burgers, so that helped to narrow down what I would look at LOL. I decided to order the El Paso. It was topped with fried onions, pepper jack, chipotle aioli, lettuce, tomato and pickles. It was a delicious bite with a bite from the cheese and aioli. It was served with chips and I had no issues eating it all LOL.

Next time around, I tried one of their specials. It was the Death Sandwich. It was loaded with meats and cheeses but bit on the bigger side. My only complaint is the meatballs should have been cut in half to make it easier to eat. But I did that when I reheated the leftovers because it was a huge sandwich! LOL Some of the other menu items have an Asian inspiration with a twist and they sound delicious. I did try the buffalo chicken egg rolls and the crab rangoons! Both are a reorder because they were that good! I cannot wait to try more of their offerings. Especially the nachos, as I saw them pass the table and the platter looked huge and cheesy! Click here to see the menu!

Tips/Recommendations: As always my first tip, go and give them a try! They offer flights for you to taste as many beers as you want. Check out their room above if you are looking to host a party or gathering. The burgers were good and I would definitely recommend them. However, I do think the burger at Stolen Sun was better LOL. And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 8/10
Recommend: YES

Live to Eat,

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