Easy Homemade Butter

Did you know you can make butter with one ingredient – heavy whipping cream? I didn’t know and I didn’t believe it when I saw someone do it while scrolling. So of course I had to try it myself. Honestly, I will probably be making it every time I have heavy cream I need to use before it goes bad LOL.

It was easy (as long as you have stand mixer LOL). If you don’t, you can use a hand mixer It may take a bit more arm and elbow strength, though!

I had a little less than 1 cup of heavy cream left that needed to be used before it went bad. I poured it in my stand mixer with the whisk attachment. I turned it on to a medium-low speed and allowed it to work is magic. I would stop it every now and then to scrap the sides of the bowl to ensure that all mixes together evenly. It will start to whip together and look like whip cream, but keep the mixer going. You will slowly start to see the whip cream separate to what will eventually be buttermilk and butter.

Make sure you pay attention before this happens. I looked away and then realized that I had butter milk splashing everywhere because the mixer was too fast. Once it separates to two components you are pretty much done. I poured my buttermilk into an air tight jar and then removed the butter from the bowl/whisk. I just used my hands to combined and fold it together. As I mentioned, this is one ingredient, but I decided to add a bit of salt and minced garlic while folding it together for a homemade garlic butter. I have used it on biscuits and while cooking and it taste no different. But now I will look to make more homemade butters and different kinds as well! I mean you can’t have too much butter or too much variety to choose from right?

Live to Eat,

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