Fresh Pesto

While scrolling, I sauce this video of a pesto pasta with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella on top – so mom and I decided we needed to make it! She had a basil plant in full bloom so it was the perfect plan.

I started a pot of water, to make some mushroom, kale cheese ravioli. In a food processor, I added lots of fresh basil, a bunch of garlic, EVOO, salt and pepper. I blended all until it was a smoother consistency. I added more EVOO when needed. Next I add lots of fresh grated parmesan and more EVOO and blended until smooth.  

Once the water was ready, I added the ravioli. In a wide sauce pan, I added the pesto sauce and some more parmesan. As the ravioli started to float I added them to the sauce pan (with some pasta water) on a low heat. I stir all together until the ravioli was covered. When serving you top with fresh cut tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. It became a delicious combination. I have never thought to pair pesto with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, but I am not sure I could have pesto just alone anymore LOL.

What is your favorite pesto recipe?

Live to Eat,

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