Italian Sausage Pasta

Here we go – new YouTube video is up! This is a great, quick, easy and delicious pasta recipe! Don’t forget to check out the full video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


  • 3-4 garlic cloves, minced
  • ½ onion, chopped
  • Sweet peppers, chopped
  • 1 lb. ground sausage
  • Salt
  • black and white pepper
  • Poultry seasoning
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Parmesan cheese

Heat a pan with EVOO. I like to use a wide pan to allow the sauce to simmer evenly as well as be able to stir and add my pasta into the sauce. First add the ground sausage and let it brown. Season it with salt, black pepper, poultry seasoning and oregano. Allow the meat to brown and break it up into smaller pieces. Next added the chopped onions and peppers, After a few minutes, then add the garlic. You want to add it early enough to add flavor but not too early that it burns. With the garlic add some white pepper and ground basil. If you have fresh basil use that!

Use whatever cans of tomato/sauce you have. This time around I used 8oz. tomato sauce, 6oz tomato paste and 28 oz. crushed tomatoes. Combine all the ingredients together and turn down the heat a bit. If you like your pasta sauce, rinse out your cans and add to the sauce. Continue to combine and stir the sauce. Make sure you scrap the bottom of the pan to include all the sausage and veggie flavors. Then season with more salt, pepper, oregano and basil. Place a lid on the pan and occasionally stir the sauce so it doesn’t stick. Give it a taste as it continues to simmer and season it more if needed. Let it simmer about 30 minutes or so. The last thing to add is grated parmesan and let it simmer about 10-15 minutes more.

Once the sauce is simmering, start the pasta water. When the water is ready, drop the pasta and give the sauce one final taste. If you like your sauce thicker, then add some of the starchy pasta water before you add the pasta. When the pasta is ready, add it to the sauce. Give it a good stir and then plate and enjoy! When I store my leftovers, I like to keep the pasta and sauce separate so that the noodles do not absorb all the sauce. And so each time you eat leftovers it is still saucy and delicious!

What is your favorite quick/easy pasta sauce to make?

Live to Eat,

2 thoughts on “Italian Sausage Pasta

  1. My quick send easy pasta is to cut up tomatoes, onions, peppers, slice the garlic and add fresh basil, oregano, hot pepper and salt and pepper. Sauté add paste and pot over linguine. Garlic bread and supper is served lol

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