North Italia (KOP)

The second food stop on our mommy daughter day was North Italia. Mom and I love getting pasta when we’re together. I have seen pictures of their food and have been dying to try it! But finally mom and I went, and we are counting down the days until we go back!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: They have a modern and relax feel inside. Plenty of seating including tables, booths and bar seating. They have outdoor seating as well, so can’t wait to come back in the warmer weather! The cutest moral design is on the wall when you walk in.  The bartenders were awesome! As we usually say, pick bar seating when you can for the best service and experience.

Drinks/Cocktails: We came at brunch time so there are belinis and mimosas to order as well as a huge list of cocktails. Round 1, mom ordered the ginger blossom margarita and I ordered the Sicilian margarita. 10/10 all around, they were made perfectly! Round 2, mom ordered the Ducale (10/10) and I ordered the Paloma (10/10). After talking with the bartenders and seeing all the drinks they made throughout our time, I don’t think you could have ordered a wrong drink.

Menu: As every other place we go to, the menu made things so hard to decide what to order. We both even looked at it days before and then creeped on their site and social for pictures and still had a hard time deciding. For starters we ordered the white truffle garlic bread (12/10) and the beef carpaccio (10/10). Both were delicious and balancing of one another. The bread had the perfect crunch, plus a creamy and savory flavor. We even saved a few pieces to eat with our pasta. The beef was thinly sliced but still so flavorful.

When it came to entrees we knew we wanted pasta. Mom ordered the Squid Ink Mafaldine (11/10). It was spicy, hearty and delicious. I ordered the Chicken parmesan (10/10). The chicken was perfectly crispy with a gooey cheese topping. It paired so well with the parmesan rigatoni. We would order both again, but also explore more of their pastas (like the glazed short rib cavatelli) next time we go! I also want to check out their happy hour as well! Click here for their full menu!

And lastly, we had to save room for dessert, so we did have left overs to take home. Dessert was a hard choice to make, but we ordered the Italian butter cake. First time that I can say i had butter cake, and I NEED more LOL. It was so deliciously creamy and not sweet at all. It was topped with a blueberry, basil glaze. we definitely recommend dessert!

Tips/Recommendations: Though it wasn’t busy when we got there, we did make reservation. The bar and tables quickly filled up within the first 20 minutes, so we highly recommend making a resy! If you love truffle like we do, white garlic truffle bread is a MUST order. I mean did you see that picture? Make sure everyone in your party orders something different so you can try all of the menu you can. Definitely order one of their homemade pasta dishes! And as always, try something new every time you go!

Rating: 10/10
Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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  1. Well I wish I could tell you what I liked the most but I can’t. There wasn’t a bad thing about this place. I would go back in a heart beat. 5+ Stars all they way 😉

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