Creamy Cherry Tomato Sauce

I have been getting so many tomatoes from my co-workers. I love it but I have been running out of ideas of how to make it. So, as I always do, I searched the food network app and Pinterest for ideas. I found this easy and creamy tomato pasta sauce that I would definitely recommend! It similar to vodka sauce, but without the vodka. It also must have been good, because I never took a final picture! LOL

This recipe is so easy and quick. Start with bringing your pasta water to a boil. For this dinner, I used linguini and as that cooked, my sauce came together! In another pan, on medium heat, I added a bunch of cherry tomatoes, filling the bottom. As the cherry tomatoes cook, poke and smash them with a fork letting all the juice out.

Next turn down the het and continue to simmer all the tomatoes cooking them down. Then, add about 3 tbsp. of heavy cream and continue to simmer until all is well combined and hot. I seasoned with some salt, pepper and basil. Lastly, remove from the heat and stir in parmesan cheese. As always, I did not measure. But I also dumped it all and it clumped all together. I would recommend adding it gradually while stirring to evenly distribute in the sauce and not have it all clump together.

It was a delicious and quick pasta meal. Leftovers were just as good. Have you ever used cherry tomatoes for a homemade sauce? I’d love to hear your recipe below!

Live to Eat,

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