Pan Fried Tilapia

Even though salmon is our favorite fish🐟, we do like to mix it up a bit. Tilapia is my next go to fish to cook. I typically pick Tilapia if I forgot to take out something from the freezer or if I am pressed with time and need a quick meal.
A: because it defrosts quickly and
B: because it cooks quickly!

For this recipe, I started by seasoning the fish filets with a bit of salt and pepper. I made a light breading by mixing flour, blackening seasoning, paprika and parsley and then set the flour mixture aside.
In my cast-iron pan (it’s my go to pan 😆), I heated oil and butter. Once the pan was heated and the butter melted, I dipped the filets in the flour breading making sure they were coated on all sides. Then I placed them directly in the pan.
It only takes a couple minutes on each side before the filets are cooked. I try not to over cook them so they stay juicy and not dry! You want them to be a nice golden brown.

For this meal, I served the filets with rice and my go to – Italian seasoned zucchini. The rice cooking in the rice cooker is what took the longest. But all together it was a quick and easy dinner in only about 15 minutes! What is your go to quick dinner?

Live to eat,

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