Kale and Chickpea Pasta Salad

A new easy and a bit healthier lunch recipe coming your way! I love pasta, but at lunch time it can make you want to take an afternoon nap at work LOL. So this time around I decided to make a pasta salad with ingredients I had at home!

First, I start my water for pasta. I had a box of mini bow ties and I made half the box. While the water was on the stove, started to heat evoo in a pan, about ½ in. I added chopped garlic and some dried red hots. I kept the heat low and allowed the garlic and dry hots to infuse in the EVOO. After a few minutes, avoiding the garlic from burning or over cooking, I added the evoo to a glass measuring cup. Then,  I chopped red onions and peppers and drain and rinse a 16oz. can of chickpeas. I added all of them to a medium bowl and topped them with lemon zest.

In the same pan I add some oil and kale and sautéed for a few minutes seasoning with salt, pepper and a bit of lemon zest. After a few minutes, I added the kale to my bowl. Once the water was ready, I dropped the mini bow ties.

To the infused evoo in the glass measuring cup I added juice from 1 lemon, salt, pepper and dried parsley to create my dressing. I tasted it to see what more I needed to add and salt was needed to balance out the citrus of the lemon. When the bow ties were done, I drained them and then added them to the bowl pouring the dressing over everything. I gave it all a good stir until everything was combined and coated with the dressing. I packed it into lunch containers and topped with some parmesan cheese, cannot forget the cheese!

What is your favorite pasta salad recipe? Comment below so I can try it next!

Live to eat,

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