Lo Mein

Sometimes the Chinese food cravings happen, but you don’t feel like doing take out. Or you’re trying to be good and cook the food you have without spending extra money LOL. This time around that was the case. I thought I would try to make my own Lo Mein and it did turn out pretty good! I used Jet Tila’s recipe and the flavor was on point!

I followed Jet’s recipe with a few add ons! I added shrimp with the chicken for more protein. I also chopped some onions as I did not have scallions. The ingredients he had for the sauce was delicious. I think next time I will make more sauce as the leftovers were a bit dry!

I started by cooking the chicken and shrimp. I added some chili garlic paste as they were cooking for more flavor. While they sautéed, I flash boiled the noodles to so they did not take as long to cook in the pan. I added my veggies, garlic and noodles to the pan at the same time. Covered the pan with a lid and let them simmer for a couple minutes. I finally added the sauce, cover the pan again, and finished it off another couple of minutes.

We really enjoyed this recipe and it was super easy to put together! It didn’t quite hit the stomach like Chinese take-out. However, I am convinced it because I made it healthier LOL. We will definitely be making this again! Do you have a favorite Lo Mein recipe we should try next? Comment below!

Live to Eat,

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