Homemade Fettuccini

Late night soccer games means dinner time with some teammates. This time around we made fresh pasta for a delicious Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo Meal!

First we made the pasta dough. Two cups of flour with a well in it and then added 4 eggs. Slowly beating the eggs together and incorporating the flour. The flour well collapse a bit, but we made it work. The dough started to form and come together and we used some more flour when needed to avoid any sticking. We wrapped the dough in plastic wrap and let it rest for about 20-30 minutes. (Ideally we would like it to be longer but we were hungry LOL).

Next was to prep the chicken. We had chicken breast and pounded them out thinner and then seasoned them with salt, pepper (white and black), adobo seasoning and Nashville hot seasoning. Then we started the pasta water and Alfredo sauce. To save some time, we used a jar sauce that I found at Costco – it was delicious and I recommend!

The next step was to make the pasta. I borrowed mom’s pasta maker to make fresh fettuccini. Divded the dough into 4 pieces and worked each section through the machine to make thin fettuccini. The key to flour in between and flour the pasta once cut to prevent sticking in the machine and to other noodles! With this hand pasta maker it is a two person job – to make it easy as possible!

We kept he sauce on a low simmer and started to cook the chicken on my grill pan! As the chicken was finishing up, we dropped the pasta and they only took a few minutes to cook. We assembled the plates and then enjoyed!

How do you make your fresh pasta? Any recommendations for me next time?

Live to Eat,

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