Outback Steakhouse (KOP)

Every now and then I get a craving for steak! This time around we decided to get Outback Steakhouse! Famous for the blooming onion, steak and more!

Ambiance/Atmosphere: The decor gives you a bit of an outdoor/down under vibe! We sat at the bar thats a full U shape with plenty of seats. They also have high tops, tables and booths! They were pretty busy for a Saturday night, but seats at the bar were open which also means less of a wait!

Drinks/Cocktails: After looking at the menu I had my heart set on the Boom-a-rita. A flight of margaritas on a boomerang. But unfortunately, they were out of all the necessary ingredients. So I ordered a blood orange margarita. It strong and delicious 10/10! Click here to see more of their drink menu.

Menu: I had my heart set on steak, but it was the decision of what cut, sides and any add ones. I decided we wanted the surf and turf with a filet and lobster tail! I decided on the mashes potatoes and broccoli as well. To say it was delicious, is a complete understatement We ate everything; our plates were clean! We probably could have ordered an appetizer, but then it also dawned on me that we did not get the pumpernickel roll as you get at the tables (their bread is always fresh, warm and filling!) Click here to see their full menu.

Tips/Recommendations: Sit at a table if you can, because the bread is so yummy! Blooming onion is a popular appetizer and it is delicious! You cannot go wrong with steak; really any of their steak. The mashed potatoes are next level as well. And as always, order something new every time you go!

Recommend: HIGHLY

Live to Eat,

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